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                                               BOOK BY BOOK BIBLE STUDY

                                                      BIBLE STUDY LESSON
                                For the week beginning Sunday September 1, 2013                                      

(We can learn about ourselves and about GOD through our trials)
Job 1 & 2

GOD’s great servant Job, declares in the Book that bears his name, in chapter 19, verses 25-27, that, “As for me, I know that my redeemer lives, and that he will stand upon the earth in the last. And after my body has decayed, yet in my body I will see GOD! I will see HIM for myself. Yes, I will see HIM with my own eyes. And I am overwhelmed at the thought” (NLT).
In the Hebrew, the word used for “integrity” is “tom” (tome), and it is “completeness, perfection, and innocence”. It is a “firm adherence to a high code, or standard of values”. And, it is “the quality or state of being undivided in one’s allegiance”, especially to GOD. The book of Job teaches us basically three things;

·         First of all, the Book of Job teaches us to trust in GOD in all circumstances. When we suffer, we’re often at a loss, trying to figure out why. But Scripture often reminds us that even the righteous must suffer sometimes, and many times we suffer without knowing the reason why. We must never forget that the greatest sufferer of all times is JESUS CHRIST, and we as Christians often say that we want to follow in HIS footsteps. However, I guess, in our hearts, we really don’t include following HIM in HIS suffering (passion). We as Christians must come to grips with the fact that, when times are hard, and life’s trials seem to weigh on us most heavily, that, is when it is most important for us to trust GOD.
·         Secondly, the Book of Job teaches us that God is not a captive of his own world, people, or, our opinions about HIS nature. GOD is free. And HE is subject to no one’s will, but HIS own. HE is not bound by our understanding, nor, is HE bound, by our lack of understanding. Job discovers that GOD is a God of great power and majesty. In fact, when we see how “great” HE is, we realize how “little” we are, and, just like Job, we want to bow down, in humble submission to GOD.
·         And finally, the Book of Job teaches us that GOD is good, just, and fair, in all things, as in the end, HE restores Job back his fortunes, two-fold. But GOD always replaces the “darkness” of our existence, with the “light” of HIS presence, especially when, and if, we remain faithful to HIS WORD.

The book of Job is written in poetry. Great truths of the Bible are often expressed in such poetic language. These great truths are worth the slow, reflective reading it takes, to sometimes grasp its meaning. Great literary works, by men of GOD, often challenge our understanding. And that is why, we must go back, and read these scriptures, time and time again. And remember, GOD never calls anyone for ease and comfort, not even HIS own SON, our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. For the task GOD calls us to do, it will take all of our hearts, and all of our minds, and all of our hands to accomplish. GOD expects us to suffer for the faith we say we hold, until we can begin to believe that we really do hold it. Because, GOD knows, through HIS infinite wisdom, that, if our faith cost us nothing, then, we are in danger of valuing it at nothing.
The Book of Job is perhaps the most praised literary work of all times. No literary work, in or out of scripture, probes the problems of pains of the human existence with more depth, honesty, and understanding, than does this literary giant. No other writing shows GOD, with a, more clear monotheistic view, than the Book of Job does. We are going to see, that, in the next few lessons, GOD does give answers to our suffering, as HE always helps us to see the greater good, through the tragic ordeals that we encounter.
In Job 1:14-22, we see Job being bombarded by a series of unforeseen tragedies, which GOD has allowed to happen, as a test of Job’s unique integrity. Here, GOD is showing HIS great confidence in Job, being able to stand strong against whatever evil attacks satan might wish to impose upon him. And we see in verse 22, GOD, being glorified through Job, as he goes through this first round of emotional tragedies, with his faith intact.
If a person were allowed to go through life without tests, or trials, it would be impossible for them to maintain their strength of integrity, and faith in GOD. We would, through our own “sin nature”, become self-righteous, and wise in our own eyes, and thereby, our reverence for GOD would automatically diminish.
This lesson should also serve to remind us that, no matter who you are, you still have room for improvement in your Christian walk. Remember, people are like tubes of toothpaste, when we are squeezed, what’s in us is what’s going to come out. That is why we must work hard every day, to instill in ourselves the word and ways of GOD, or, the character of CHRIST, and then, when we are squeezed, only the goodness of GOD will come out. Stay tuned.

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander

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