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(Do what is good)
Titus 3

The word “preach”, in its most basic sense, means “to re-iterate something over and over again”. Usually it is a word used in regards to delivering or expounding upon moral or religious instructions at length, and tirelessly. The reason the Gospel has to be preached is because mankind continuously suppresses the truth. There comes a time when all of us will have to be reminded of what we already know is right. JESUS already knew how quickly the human mind would forget. HE knew that we would become so pre-occupied with our own worldly desires and affairs, until eventually, we would fail to recall, even HIS vicarious sacrifice on the cross.
Titus’ itinerant ministry was to be one of organizing local Christian Church leadership, and silencing those false teachers who opposed the ways of CHRIST JESUS, in the church. He was also, most importantly, responsible for instilling in those who didn’t oppose CHRIST, a lifestyle that was more pleasing to GOD.
It is the duty of a Christian to be law-abiding citizens of the world. We have to able to realize that if laws are ignored, there can be no civilized order in the world, and only chaos can prevail. Therefore, we must respect all those who are in authority, and obey the laws of man, as well as the laws of GOD in the Christian community. In fact, we can best influence the world through the Christian learning that we obtain through the teachings of CHRIST JESUS. And the more successful we are at that, the less those laws will conflict with each other (Vs.1-3).
Titus chapter 3, perhaps, lays out, or summarizes the full work of CHRIST in the hearts of mankind, better than any other passage in scripture. Here in this passage we see no less than five ways in which JESUS can transform the life of those who choose to follow HIM.

·         HE re-establishes us into a personal relationship of friendship with GOD the FATHER, through HIS kindness and love (v.4).
·         HE gives us gifts of love and grace that we can never earn on our own. HE saves us, not because of the good things that we did, but rather, because of HIS mercy (v.5a).
·         HE washes away our sins and gives us “New Life” through the HOLY SPIRIT (v.5b)
·         HE generously pours out the SPIRIT on all those who believe, and HE provides us with a new community in which to live and thrive (The Body of CHRIST) (v.6)
·         We receive “Justification”. HE declares us “not guilty” because of HIS great kindness, and HE begins to treat us as if we never sinned at all (v.7).

We now know that, through CHRIST, we can inherit and receive eternal life with GOD the FATHER. The “saved” person is called to find practical and visible ways to express his or her devotion to “good works”. In the Greek there are two words that are used for “good”. One is “agathos”, and it “describes a good, as in being a good person, or, a good, as in being useful or profitable.
The other word for “good” is “kalos” and it describes a good that is also “lovely”. It is a good that is beautiful, as well as beneficial. When we are committed and devoted to that which is both, morally right, and beneficial to others, our good deeds can serve, not only, as a distinct contribution to society, but will also bring glory to GOD.
Paul wanted young Titus to insist that everyone who wished to become a part of the Christian community and trust GOD, be careful to always strive to do good deeds wherever they go, all of the time. He insisted that such efforts would be beneficial to everyone, and would also reflect the ways of CHRIST JESUS, best to others (v.8).
The Greek word “hairetikon”, used in verse 10 for “divisive person”, describes one who insists on having things their own way, always having their own opinions prevail, even though those opinions are not biblical, and even to the point of splitting up the church. Many Christian churches insist on introducing worldly concepts (i.e miming, Hip hop, night club activities and themes, etc.) into the church in order to draw ungodly people who would otherwise not attend church, and to generate more money, albeit from ungodly sources. For churches like that have already turned away from the truth of GOD’s Word. They are sinning and they condemn themselves by operating according to their own plan, instead of adhering to GOD’s (Vs. 10-12). GOD does not need our “human ingenuity” to make HIS plan for the Church work better, and it is pridefully ridiculous for us to even think that HE does.
A person must always be careful not to erect his or her personal opinion, or “religious denomination”, against the doctrine of CHRIST’s teachings (Christianity). Our private opinion can never be the test of all truth, as true faith can only find its origin, in the mind of GOD.

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander

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