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For the week beginning Sunday March 25, 2018

2 Corinthians 6:1-13

   Second Corinthians 6, verses 1 and 2, should actually be read with chapter 5. Here Paul finishes his thoughts on “reconciliation”, and, on how Christians must view themselves as being “GOD’s Ambassadors” to the world. It is by GOD’s grace that “true believers” are transformed into “new creatures” and again given the potential to live a truly righteous existence.
    It is in this day that every human being can experience salvation because of what CHRIST JESUS did sacrificially, culminating on the cross, if they choose to. Through CHRIST JESUS, GOD allows us to partake in an “imputed righteousness” that we could not have possibly achieved on our own. It is an utter tragedy whenever GOD’s greatest creation (mankind), allows his or her hard-heartedness, to reduce the meaning of GOD’s grace in their lives, to being of “non-effect”, or, as having no transforming value at all.
    Taking up at verse 3, Paul shifts his thoughts back (2 Corinthians 4:8-12) so that he might elaborate further on some of the many hardships that serious Christians must suffer, if they are to earnestly follow in the path, or footsteps of CHRIST JESUS, our LORD. Here Paul says that we must live in such a way that no one can be hindered from finding the LORD, due to the fact that we may have publicly, or privately, exhibited ungodly behavior to the world we’re seeking to convert (Vs.3-4).
    As Christians, we take on a given responsibility to prove to the world that Christianity really does produce the best men and women. And oftentimes that must be done while under duress from the very same worldly people that we are trying to convert. Here in verses 4b-5 Paul shares with us some of the ways he, himself had suffered for the sake of ministering the Gospel to the world.
    Paul says that he, and those who traveled with him, had been beaten, been put in jail, faced angry mobs, worked to exhaustion, endured sleepless nights, and gone without food. In short, perhaps Paul is cautioning us that, a Christian’s faith has to be proven and confirmed by the way they react to, and endure through their sufferings and persecutions, just as JESUS proved the genuineness of HIS faith under HIS FATHER GOD, during HIS earthly assignment.
    In verse 6 Paul mentions six ways by which a Christian can prove himself, or herself of great value under GOD, and at the same time, relieve any tensions that may exist in the community of GOD. Here Paul says that we can achieve this by our;

·         Purity
·         Understanding
·         Patience
·         Kindness
·         Sincere love
·         And all, by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT

    Christians must learn to faithfully and correctly preach and teach the Gospel so that GOD’s power will continue to work in us. We must operate using the righteousness of CHRIST as a weapon to, both, defend ourselves against, and to attack, the unseen demons who may influence people all around us. We have to serve GOD whether people honor us or despise us, slander us or praise us. We have to remain honest, even when people call us imposters, simply because they do not want to live by the message of GOD that we peach and deliver (Vs.7-8).
    Even though Paul was well-known he was sometimes treated as an unknown by his opponents in the Church. Oftentimes they dismissed him as being poor, sorrowful, and useless. However, in the opinion of GOD (the only opinion that counts), Paul’s servant-hood was proven genuine by his willingness to suffer hardships that sometimes brought him to within an inch of his life. He was able to joyfully withstand heartache, and even though he was poor financially, he was able to give much spiritual riches to those who accepted it. And while he may not have owned anything, with GOD, he had all that he needed in life, and more. He was successful under GOD because he was willing to open up his heart to the people he was called to minister to, and as a result of his open-heartedness, and GOD’s grace, he was ultimately able to remove tension and strife from the assembly of GOD at Corinth, at least, for a time (Vs.9-13).

2 Corinthians 6:14-18

   In the Greek, the word used for “separate” in 2 Corinthians verse 17 is “katharisomen” (kath-a-ris-o-men) and is a setting apart from those people and unclean things (spirits) that defile or influence us, and move out of the will of GOD”. It is a warning for us not to mix “the holy” with “the profane”, and thereby, defile our body and spirit with the things of this world, or, satan.
   Paul begins this passage with a stern warning for believers not to team up with those who are unbelievers. People who seek after righteousness and goodness cannot partner up with those who seek to do wickedness and live in darkness. Light and darkness are incompatible with each other, and there can never be any harmony between CHRIST and satan (v.14-15).
    The union between GOD’s temple (the Christian’s body and the Christian Body) and idols is a complete impossibility. The true Christian is, quite literally, the temple of the living GOD WHO said, “I will live in them and walk among them. I will be their GOD, and they will be MY people” (v.16).
    The bad idea of one “yoking a donkey with an ox” as a work team, is the imagery behind Paul’s appeal in verse 14 for Christians not to be “unequally yoked” with unbelievers. It is “a mixing of the holy with the profane”, in this most personal sense, that will make for a very uncomfortable union and existence for people who are seeking GOD.
    And while the believer is not to avoid all contact with the unbeliever (for it is our charge from CHRIST JESUS to witness to the “unsaved” world), we are to “avoid partnerships” with them, that will compromise our principles as Christians, and lead us away from the Will of GOD.   
    The true Christian will respond to GOD’s grace in a positive manner, as it has been given to us for the purpose of “transforming ourselves into men and women who live lives that are pleasing to GOD at all times. Our lives should reflect the lifestyle that JESUS HIMSELF portrayed when HE lived as a 100% human being. HE was “GOD’s perfect figurative representative” here on earth, and HE was able to overcome the gravitational pull of this world, with a perfect obedience to GOD, while HE existed in 100% human flesh and blood in Palestine.
    Paul’s quotation of the prophet Isaiah (v.2) was a direct rebuttal to the false teachers who taught that the way to “righteousness” was through complete obedience to the Laws of Moses. However, Paul knew that righteousness and salvation for mankind comes only through having faith in what JESUS did during HIS first advent here on earth. It is HIS overcoming of the world through obedience to GOD, that frees us when we believe on HIM, and it is through an “imputed righteousness” from HIM, that GOD “justifies” us, giving us another chance at a personal relationship of friendship with HIM, and then, HE begins to treat us as if we never sinned at all. But it is all because of what JESUS has done, and not because of what we can do, because, long before we come to CHRIST, we’ve already blown our chance at perfection under GOD.

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Larry D. Alexander

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For the week beginning Sunday March 18, 2018

2 Corinthians 5:1-10

   It is only through the persuasion of our lifestyle that we can successfully lead others to CHRIST. We, as Christians, must behave in a manner that, by definition, is drastically different from that of most people in the world, in this, or in any day and age. We must also not attempt to force or coerce others to do as we do, they must do so, voluntarily.
    Here in 2 Corinthians 5, the Apostle Paul, after speaking briefly about the frailness of the bodies we now have to work and minister in under GOD, now paints a picture of “a new glorified eternal body” that GOD will present to those who are faithful and obedient to HIM in their old perishable bodies, here on earth.
    Verse 1 of this passage briefly sums up what Paul had written in his first letter to the Corinthian Church (1 Corinthians 15:34-54), regarding the subject of “the resurrection body”. Here, however, he refers to our old perishable bodies as “earthly tents” (epigeios skenous), an analogy that, no doubt, references a thought drawn from his earthly career as a tentmaker. Here he says that, unlike our earthly tents (temples), our new tents will not be made by human hands, but rather, will be constructed personally by the hand of GOD.
    Even though we now moan and grow weary in our present bodies, we must cling to the Christian Hope that promises us a new body in Heaven. Here in verse 3, Paul tells us that we will not be spirits without bodies in Heaven, but rather, we will have new Heavenly bodies. Our old bodies will be swallowed up by eternal life.
    GOD’s promise for this is revealed through HIS sharing with us of HIS HOLY SPIRIT right now, here on earth. HE wants us to get used to the idea of living in the SPIRIT right now, in our present bodies, and, at one and the same time, recognize fully that we are not yet at home with the LORD. That is why we must live by believing, and not by sight (Vs.3-7). This is the “eternal viewpoint” (motivating thought) that is required in order for us to carry out our ministries effectively here on earth.
    We as Christians must desire to live in such a way, that our lives here on earth, will not diminish our rewards in Heaven. We must remain fully confident, as we know that we would rather be away from these temporal bodies, and at home with the LORD. Our aim should be always to please the LORD, whether in this body, or, in the next. For we must all make an account for the deeds done in our lifetimes, and we will all have to stand before CHRIST to be judged, each receiving whatever judgment we have merited in our bodies, in our lifetime, here on earth (Vs.8-10).

2 Corinthians 5:11-21

   To the worldly person (those who are blinded by satan), CHRIST appears to be ONE WHO was a failure, a religious reformer WHO gambled with HIS life and was rewarded with a criminal’s death on the cross by Roman method. As the result of that existing mindset, most times the Christian’s approach to ministry in the world seems futile and actually crazy to an unbeliever. They can’t seem to reconcile in their minds how a Christian’s work can be anything but a complete waste of time.
     In 2 Corinthians 5, taking up at verse 11, the Apostle Paul attempts to show us how, we as Christians, are actually GOD’s ambassadors, the purest form of “a figurative representative” that GOD has in place on this earth. And because we have solemn reverence for the LORD, we work hard to persuade others and lead them to salvation, even while under the greatest of duress from worldly opposition. And while what we do may seem crazy, it brings glory to GOD. And if we are in our right minds, our work becomes the benefit of the whole unsaved world.
    Because of CHRIST’s love for us, we are able to endure many things, and because we accept that love, we are able to die to our old life, and live for HIM. CHRIST died for the whole world in general, but for true Christians in particular. HE gave us “new life”, and all those who receive HIS new life, will no longer desire to please just themselves, but rather, they become concerned about the needs of others, even the stranger. Those who accept CHRIST are resurrected into a new life that is no longer constrained by the threat of “death” (permanent separation from GOD - Vs.11-15).
    Perhaps the greatest thing about accepting CHRIST and allowing the laws of GOD to become paramount in our lives is that, we stop evaluating people by what the world thinks of them. Paul says that he himself once thought about JESUS that way. Whenever we value the world’s opinion more than GOD’s opinion, we are saying, in effect that, satan, the god of this world, is greater than The GOD, WHO created the world.
    And so, even though the world may view JESUS as a failure, those faithful who are being saved, view HIM in HIS resurrected glory, and, they worship HIM as GOD. As Christians, we need to see ourselves as the “new creations” that we really are. And even though it may seem futile while we are still faithfully working our missions for CHRIST, we have to be able to look beyond this world, with hope, to GOD, WHO will sustain us.
    All this “newness of life” that Paul talks about here in this passage, comes to us from GOD, our SAVIOR, through JESUS CHRIST. As ambassadors of CHRIST, GOD has given us the task of reconciling our fellowman to HIM. In fact, GOD is actually in CHRIST, reconciling us to HIM, and, HE is willing to “justify” us by no longer counting our sins against (Vs.18-19).
     In the Greek, the word used for “reconciliation” is “katalasso”, and it means, “to restore back to harmony”. The life of CHRIST JESUS was sacrificed in order that GOD may bring us back into harmony with HIMSELF, both from a “positional” standpoint, and, from an “experiential” one. As “just workers” and ambassadors for CHRIST, we are not allowed by GOD to trick or coerce anyone into accepting HIM, but rather, our charge has always been to share the Good News about CHRIST, and then, allow each individual to make up their own minds whether they want to accept or reject it.
    GOD sent HIS only begotten SON to be a propitiation for our sins, but before JESUS could qualify to do that, HE had to first live a “sinless life” as a 100% human being here on earth. It was only then that HE could be offered up as a “perfect sacrifice” (GOD’s price for sin) for all mankind. This vicarious sacrifice by JESUS was the only action that could be taken, that would restore us back into a personal relationship of friendship with GOD. And as a result of HIS unselfishness, today is “the Day of Salvation”.

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander


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For the week beginning Sunday March 11, 2018

2 Corinthians 4

   The true Christian lives in the face of physical death here on earth, however, their teachings about CHRIST, results in others, as well as themselves, obtaining eternal spiritual life with GOD the FATHER, in Heaven. Our knowledge of CHRIST amounts to possessing “great treasures” that are held in “perishable containers”.
    Our carnal bodies are designed to be temporal vehicles that serve GOD, while we serve our fellowman. And since our time here on earth is so short, it is paramount that we take full advantage of the grace of GOD to apply the methods of CHRIST JESUS in our ministries, and never give in to the gravitational force of this world and its way of doing things.
    Here in 2 Corinthians, chapter 4, the Apostle Paul attempts to explain how it is “the message”, rather than “the messenger”, that is the key to the spreading the Gospel under the New Covenant that was ushered in by CHRIST JESUS. And so, as messengers, we must be willing to speak out even if we are not eloquent speakers, or may not be as skilled or knowledgeable as some others may be. It is not the skill and eloquence of the messenger that gives the Word of GOD its power, but rather, it is the power of GOD in the Word that strengthens the messenger.
    Here in verses 1-2, Paul gives us some rules of thumb by which all Christian teachers should live by, if they are to be successful under GOD and under the New Covenant.  This is how Paul suggests that we as ministers of the Gospel operate under GOD;

·         We should never give up
·         We should reject all shameful and underhanded methods or tactics (no human ingenuity)
·         We should not try to trick anyone
·         We do not distort the Word of GOD
·         We tell the truth before GOD

    Whenever the Gospel is veiled from anyone, it is a sign that that person is perishing (v.3). Satan, who is “the god of this age”, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe, and as a result, they are not able to understand and see the glorious light of the Good News that is shining directly upon them (v.4). The term “god of this age”, that is used by Paul in verse 4, implies that the people of this age are voluntarily willing to submit to and follow satan’s evil directives.
    JESUS CHRIST is the exact spiritual image of GOD, and so the Christian should not go around preaching about themselves, but rather, they should preach about HIM. The only thing that we should be saying about ourselves is that we are JESUS’ servants, because of what HE has done for us, and that, we are voluntarily committed and submitted, totally to HIM (v.5).
    JESUS CHRIST is the light that GOD allowed to come into this dark world. The light and power of CHRIST in us is “precious treasure contained in perishable containers (our weak bodies)”. This is so everyone can see that this glorious power is not our own, but rather, it comes from GOD (Vs.6-7). It is power that keeps us from being crushed when we are pressed on every side by the troubles of this world. We don’t give up when we are perplexed by the gradual moral slide of this world into the abyss of sin. GOD never abandons us, and so, when we get knocked down, we get up and begin to tread forward with even greater conviction and determination. Through our suffering, these perishable bodies of ours actually share in the death of CHRIST, and HE is clearly seen by others within our actions and tribulations (Vs.8-10).
    We as true Christians have to learn to look beyond the sin-filled challenges of this world, and into the faithfulness of GOD. We must rely on GOD to transform us into mature warriors who can glorify HIM in times of trouble and duress. Suffering for CHRIST sake in this world will bring immeasurable benefits in the world to come, and that is why we must never give up. We know that the same GOD WHO raised our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST from the dead will equip us with all that we need to do HIS wonderful will. And through our work here on earth, GOD HIMSELF will receive more glory.
    Although the body of the Christian worker may be declining and dying with each passing day, our human spirit is being renewed just as rapidly. Our present troubles that are brought on by our work for CHRIST in an anti-CHRIST world are quite small when they are compared to great treasures that we will receive for doing the work of GOD, HIS way. For our troubles will soon be over, but our rewards and benefits, and all the joys that comes with them, will last forever.  

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander

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For the week beginning Sunday February 25, 2018

2 Corinthians 3:1-6

   In the first century Christian Church it was customary that traveling teachers carry “letters of recommendation” that were used to introduce them to the various churches that they may be visiting to apply their calling. Apparently the Apostle Paul’s opposition had been demanding that he show a letter of recommendation to help verify his credibility, and to prove he was what he claimed he was, “an apostle of CHRIST”.
    In 2 Corinthians 3, verses 1-6, Paul once again finds himself defending his own reputation and legitimacy, instead of spending time defending the Gospel as he should be. However, it has always been the goal of the forces of satan to tie up GOD’s anointed with foolishness, so that they may have as little time as possible to teach and spread the saving knowledge of CHRIST JESUS to the world.
    Here in the opening lines of this chapter Paul answers the Luciferic attack by telling the church at Corinth, that, a lifestyle and behavior that adheres to the Word of GOD is the only letter of recommendation that they or anyone else ever needs. It is a letter written on our hearts, that can be seen by everyone through our works and behavior that actually serves as the best recommendation.
    Every “true Christian” aspires to actually live a life that manifests, through their personalities and behavior, that they are believers dedicated to representing GOD before man (being true ambassadors), here on earth. They have actually become living recommendations who testify not only of CHRIST, but also of those who actually won them over to CHRIST, through the work of their ministry.
    Those who do the work of CHRIST represent the “New Covenant” that CHRIST ushered in during HIS first advent, concluding with HIS vicarious sacrifice. This New Covenant is not one that is written, but rather, it is of the SPIRIT. And whereas the old way ended in death, “the new trail of light” that was blazed through this dark world by JESUS CHRIST, leads to eternal life in Heaven (v.6).

2 Corinthians 3:7-18

   JESUS ministers on the basis of a better covenant. HE is GOD’s superior priest and our ultimate representative in the presence of the FATHER in Heaven. A superior priest could never operate on the basis of an inferior covenant. Here in 2 Corinthians chapter 3, verses 7-18, Paul begins to move toward the conclusion of his discussion regarding the superiority of the New Covenant which was ushered in by CHRIST JESUS as our HIGH PRIEST.
    Aaronic priests ministered on earth in a sanctuary that was a mere copy of the Heavenly Sanctuary. It was only a shadow of the true sanctuary in Heaven that was built by the hand of GOD, and where CHRIST now ministers. The superiority of JESUS’ ministry is also reflected in the superiority of the New Covenant, which HE ushered in to us, during HIS three-year ministry here on earth.
    Unlike the earthly high priest who was required to offer gifts and sacrifices for, first, their own sins, and then ours, JESUS has no need to offer sacrifices for HIMSELF because HE, quite frankly, has never sinned. The sacrifice HE offers for our sins, past, present, and future, is HIS OWN life, which was offered up on the cross at Golgotha, where HE spilled HIS blood, some 2000 years ago.
    Back in Exodus 24, verses 1-8, the Israelites accepted GOD’s covenant as it had been given to Moses on Mount Sinai. However, man would not then, and quite frankly, will not now, abide by such a covenant, because we let our sins continuously interrupt our relationship with GOD. It took the life of CHRIST to restore our lost relationship of friendship with GOD. If we, as a people, would have abided by the first covenant, there would have been no need for the, more superior covenant that was ushered in by CHRIST JESUS to replace it.
    The first covenant was offered by GOD to show us how much we need HIM in our lives to survive, and, how far we were from living according to HIS OWN glorious standards. Therefore, the old Covenant, in essence, could only condemn us. The New Covenant, by contrast, brings forgiveness through CHRIST JESUS, and thereby, can only save us. However, this salvation can only be given to those who voluntarily accept GOD, in all HIS fullness.
    In the Greek, the word used for “covenant”, in all normal secular applications, is “suntheke” (soon-tha-kay), and it is “an agreement between two equal parties or entities, on equal terms”, i.e. a marriage, or a business deal or partnership. However, in the New Testament Scriptures, the Greek word that is always used for “covenant” is “diatheke” (dee-ath-ay-kay), and it is “an agreement that is actually along the terms of a “devised Will”. In other words, only one party draws up the terms, and the other party can either accept or reject the terms, or inheritance, that is offered. They cannot change or alter any of the contents within that Will.
    The choice of this word, “diatheke”, in regards to the word “covenant” is understandable, because we, as human beings, cannot enter into an equal partnership with GOD, and cannot be on equal terms with GOD for obvious reasons. We are only able to make a voluntary decision to accept, or reject HIS covenant offer, and cannot alter, or change HIS terms in any way.
    Even in the secular world, we know that a Will does not go into effect until the person who wrote it has been proven dead. JESUS, WHO is our HIGH PRIEST, first died on the cross for our sins, then, re-entered into Heaven itself, bearing HIS OWN blood to present as a sacrificial atonement for all of our sins, past, present, and future. And with HIS sacrifice, HE purchased eternal salvation for all mankind in general, and all Christians in particular, once, and for all time. In short, JESUS is the mediator of the New Covenant that was activated by HIS OWN death.
    In the Greek, there are two words that are used for “new”. One is “neos” (neh-os), which is “new in respects to time”. It can be a regeneration, or “exact copy” of something already existing, such as a new piece of clothing, or a new pair of shoes. The other word used for new is “kainos” (kahee-nos), which means, not only new in relation to time, but also new in quality and expression. It is something that is a new creation altogether, or a new product that has been introduced into the world for the first time. “Kainos” is the word used here by Paul to describe the covenant ushered in by JESUS CHRIST, and this New Covenant can never be improved upon, or copied.
    There is one other essential that we should accentuate regarding the New Covenant and that is that, the New Covenant is one that calls for “internal”, rather than “external” adaptations. This means that people would no longer want to obey GOD simply because the law compels them to, or they fear punishment, but rather, because the desire to obey HIM will be written on their hearts and minds.
    Under the old Covenant, man could only hope to keep a right relationship with GOD by obeying HIS laws, through their own efforts. Here, in the New Covenant Age, everything is dependent, not on, what we can do, but rather, everything rests solely on the grace of GOD, and what JESUS CHRIST has done, by way of HIS vicarious sacrifice. JESUS, both, removes our guilt, and, mediates our New Covenant with GOD.
    With the coming of the New Covenant, GOD wishes to place HIS laws for living on our hearts, not just in writing on stone or, even paper, for that matter. HE wants us to understand HIM in our innermost being, so that we can obey HIM more completely. HE wants to be our GOD, and HE wants us to be HIS people. HE wants us to teach of HIM, not just with the words of our mouths, but more importantly, with our behavior as professed Christians. We, as Christians, must make our old selves obsolete, just as GOD made the Old Covenant Law obsolete when HE sent us HIS only begotten SON to save us from ourselves.
    In the New Testament Greek, the word used for “old”, or “obsolete”, which is “palaioumenon” (pal-ah-yo-o-me-non), describes “something that is out of date” and “ready to be set aside”. Over in Hebrews chapter 9, the writer shares his thoughts concerning the superiority of the New Covenant that was ushered in by CHRIST JESUS.
    In the first covenant between GOD and Israel (the Mosaic Covenant), there were many regulations concerning worship, and, there was a sacred place, a tent, in which to do it. Every element of the Mosaic Covenant had special significance because it reflected realities that are found only in Heaven. Inside this sacred tent were two rooms. In the first room there was a lamp stand, a table, and loaves of holy bread on the table, and it was called, the “Holy Place”. There was a curtain that separated this first room from a second room. This second room was called the “Most Holy Place”. Inside this second room, were a gold incense altar and a wooden chest called the “Ark of the Covenant”.
    The Ark of the Covenant was covered with gold on all sides, and inside it were three items, a gold jar, which contained the two quarts of manna that were placed there by Aaron at the command of GOD, through Moses (Exodus 16:32-34). There was also Aaron’s blooming staff, which GOD commanded to be put there as a warning to those who try to rebel against HIM (Numbers 17:10-11). And, there were the tablets upon which the Ten Commandments were written (Exodus 40:20).
    Above the ark were angels whose wings were stretched out over the Ark’s cover, the place of atonement. Any of the priests were able to go in and out of the first room on a regular basis, as they performed their religious duties to man and GOD. However, only the high priest was allowed to enter into the second room, the Most Holy Place, and then, he could enter it only once a year, always with blood that would be offered up to GOD to cover, first, his own sins, and then, the sins of the people.
    By these regulations, the HOLY SPIRIT was communicating that the Most Holy Place was not open to everyone, as long as the first room, the Holy Place, and all that it represents, was still in use. This was also an illustration of how the gifts and sacrifices that the priests were offering were not able to cleanse the consciences of the people that brought them. This old system only dealt with food, drink, ritual washing, and other external regulations that were, in effect, only until their limitations could be corrected by the introduction of the New Covenant, that was ushered in by JESUS CHRIST.
    All of the old system’s Levitical arrangements were designed to convey the idea that the true way to GOD did not lie in them, but rather, would lie in CHRIST. What this tells us in this day and age, is that, the old covenant sacrificial system never met our human needs on their most profound level, and could not, by any means, clear the spiritual consciences of the people who seek to worship GOD.
    JESUS CHRIST has now entered into the perfect sanctuary that was not made by human hands, but rather, by the hand of GOD. There HE has become high priest over all that is good. Once and for all time HE has carried HIS OWN blood into the Most Holy Place in Heaven, and with it, HE has secured our salvation forever.
    Under the old law, the blood of goats, bulls, or rams could be used to cleanse the defilement of human sins. How much more effective then, must the blood of CHRIST be in purifying the human heart from deeds that had long led man to death, and is now allowing man to re-establish a relationship of friendship with GOD.
    The Old Testament sacrifices had an external effectiveness, but JESUS’ sacrifice at Golgotha has an internal effect that cleanses the conscience that bounds us to the guilt of our past. We are no longer overcome with a past that renders us inadequate to function in the present, and keeps us from moving forward to a brighter future with GOD.
    When a person dies and leaves a will, no one can collect on the benefits of that will until there is proof that the person who wrote that will is actually dead. Likewise, under the old covenant, GOD required the blood of certain animals as proof of death, and the blood confirmed man’s obedience to the covenant. Afterwards, man was able to collect on the benefits of GOD’s will, which was found in HIS forgiveness, instead of the death of the sinner.
    The blood of animals was sufficient to purify things here on earth, and by the sprinkling of animal blood, man was allowed to continue to live here on earth. However, the real things, which are only found in Heaven, had to be purified with a far better sacrifice than the blood of unblemished animals. It took the blood of an unblemished man to meet the requirement of GOD to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, and that perfect sacrifice could only come in the person of JESUS CHRIST. But first, JESUS had to become a man, born into the world like all other men, so that HE could suffer through everything man has to suffer through, overcome it, and then, present HIMSELF faultless before HIS FATHER GOD as the perfect sacrifice for the sin atonement of all persons, past, present, and future, once and for all time.
    And just as it is appointed by GOD that each person dies only once, and after which comes judgment, so too, CHRIST died only once as a sacrifice that took away the sins of the people who choose to believe in HIM. JESUS will come again, but not to deal with our sins again. This time HE will bring with HIM, the salvation that is promised to all those who believe, and eagerly await HIS return.
    Before we come to believe in CHRIST, our minds are veiled to the truth of GOD’s Word. A spiritual veil actually covers our minds so that we can’t understand GOD’s written Word. This veil can only be removed by one’s belief in JESUS CHRIST, our LORD and SAVIOR (v.14-16), and this removal frees us from the dominion of sin in our lives forever. And so the LORD JESUS is the SPIRIT, and wherever the SPIRIT of the LORD is, there, we will find freedom. All true believers have had that veil removed, and as a result, they become mirrors that reflect brightly, through their behavior, the glory of GOD.

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander

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