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(The futility of wealth)
Ecclesiastes 5:8-20 & 6:10-12

After showing us how lives can be ruined, and “the fruits of our labor” can be lost through “a flood of empty words” (unfulfilled promises), and how our mouths make us sin by making such promises to GOD (Ecclesiastes 5:1-7), Solomon now shows us how the fruits of our labor can be lost to “the next highest authority”, man.
In Ecclesiastes 5, verses 8-9 Solomon tells us that we should not be surprised when we see poor people being oppressed, both, by the government, and, by the rich and powerful among us. We simply can’t expect justice from a “Luciferic system of government”, that so-called Christian ministers are “too cowardly” to challenge on any level, and in fact, seem more willing to join, than to fight against, because of all the “filthy lucre” and “fame” that they stand to gain by complying to the devil’s program.
In the United States, for example, we have a “Luciferic system” that feeds on greed, sex, entertainment, and selfish ideas. It also supports, and or, promotes things, through government and church leadership, that are anti-CHRIST, such as homosexuality, adultery, fornication, abortion, etc. We also oppress the poor through tax laws, auto insurance laws, lending practices, traffic fines, court systems, penal systems, and through unaffordable access to higher education, etc. Solomon says that “matters of justice only get lost in red tape and bureaucracy”. Even the kings (the nations’ leaders) milk the land for their own profits” (Vs.8b-9 – NLT).
Luciferic leaders are always “watching out” NOT, so as to protect the poor, but rather, they are seeking more ways to oppress the poor, in favor of their own personal gain. They spend a great deal of their time trying to come up with more and more ways to squeeze revenue out of those who are too poor, helpless, or lazy to fight back.
Solomon had already opined on the “futility of wealth” in chapter 2, verses 1-11, however, taking up at verse 10  of this chapter, Solomon finds it necessary to change the direction of his thoughts, and further elaborate on the subject of wealth, and he even repeats some of those points mentioned earlier. Also, in this particular passage, Solomon dispels several of the myths that people have embraced about being rich, and how some rich people adhere to those illusions, and thereby, deprive themselves of the true blessings that GOD really has for them. Here Solomon lists five “truths” about wealth that we may, or may not have known;

·         Those who love money will never have enough (v.10a)
·         Wealth does not bring “true happiness” (v.10b)
·         The more money you have, the more people come to help you spend it (v.11a)
·         The only advantage of wealth is, perhaps, being privileged, or unfortunate enough to be able to watch it run through your fingers (v.11b)
·         The rich are always worrying and seldom get a good night’s sleep (v.12)

In verse 13, Solomon says that there is another serious problem that he has seen in the world, regarding wealth. Here in this passage he says that riches are sometimes “hoarded up” to the detriment of the hoarder, or, they may invest their riches into things that turn sour, and, as a result, everything is lost. In fact, in the end, there may not even be anything left to pass on to one’s children as an inheritance. People who live only for their wealth can come to the end of their lives, as naked and empty-handed as they were on the day they were born (Vs.13-17).
In verses 18-20, Solomon says that there is also a “bright side” to having wealth when we focus on the simple things in life, and keep GOD at the forefront of our lives. Here he tells us that it is “good” for people to eat well, drink a good glass of wine, and enjoy their work in the process, whatever their “legitimate” line of work may be, and, for however long GOD may allow us to continue doing it. It is a “good thing” to receive wealth from GOD, along with the “good health” it takes to enjoy it. To enjoy one’s work, and to accept one’s lot in life, is indeed a gift from GOD. People who enjoy and appreciate what GOD has given them, rarely look with sorrow on their past, because GOD has given them reasons for joy all along the way.       
Since our futures have already been decided by GOD, based on the decisions we make in life, we don’t have to argue with GOD about our destiny. Although GOD gives us substantial control of our lives through our “freedom of choice”, HE maintains control of the “circumstances of those choices”. And so, the more excuses we come to GOD with, concerning our “bad choices” the less our words mean to GOD, because our actions expose to HIM, and should to us, just where our “true heart” really is (Ecclesiastes 6:10-12).
If we desire to manifest GOD through our behavior, by making GODly choices on a daily basis, our hearts testify that our allegiance is with GOD. But if we continue to invest our thoughts and desires into those things that are “temporal”, or “worldly”, then GOD is using our own bodies to show us that our allegiance is with satan. There is no “middle ground”, or “gray area” between GOD and satan. GOD “drew the line in the sand” from the beginning, and HE says, “We are either, all the way with HIM, or, we’re all the way against HIM.
A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander

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