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For the week beginning Sunday September 22, 2013                                 

(Trust and follow GOD’s wisdom through persistent bible study and prayer)
Job 28

Although man has always excelled in the “technological realm”, he has always seemed to come up lacking in the “realm of morality”. He has never been able to do what was right in the eyes of GOD for too long. Even today we see an explosion of technological advances that make even the brightest minds of this generation stand in awe and marvel. In fact, one would be moved to ask the question “Is there anything in this universe that the human mind can’t master?”
Sadly, our technological advances have never been equaled, or matched by the necessary advances in “wisdom” that it takes to prevent us from destroying ourselves in the process. We’ve never been able to penetrate the moral mysteries that always seem to confound us in life, and as a result, for the most part, man still remains “lost” and “inadequate” in his “lackluster quest” to become successful in the ways of GOD.
GOD is the source of wisdom in the moral realm, just as HE is also the CREATOR of the material realm. The things that we have trouble grasping, GOD, understands completely and thoroughly. Man, lacking the moral wisdom that he needs to be successful under GOD, fills that void with things and ideas that are anti-CHRIST, and thereby, anti-GOD, because he has allowed satan to influence his decision-making with  “worldly wisdom” and desires.
Morality is what GOD says it is, and not, what man says it is. We live in a time where far too many people call themselves making “moral pronouncements” and decisions that have nothing to do with being “moral”. Moral lapses in judgment such as;

·         Government and Church leaders endorsing homosexual sin,
·         Upholding abortion as a woman’s personal freedom,
·         Sex educators distributing condoms and birth control to minors so that they can commit “safer fornication”, and never even once suggesting abstainence as the answer.

Things such as these are all clear indications of man’s ever-widening gap between himself and GOD, WHO created us. It has never been an easy task to deal with “indifference”, or its consequences, or our gradual slide into the unstructured existence that we live in today. Our only hope is to abandon our own human ideas, and subject ourselves, to the ideology of GOD, WHO created us to operate in a certain way, HIS way.
In Job chapter 28, Job seems to insert a poem inside an already brilliant divine piece of biblical literature that gives us tremendous insight into man’s far-reaching advances in technology, even in his day (read chapter 28). Job, Eliphaz, Zophar, and Bildad have all failed in their attempt to place “human logic” on “GOD’s morality and wisdom”. They’ve all moved closer to the reality that, a GOD, no wiser than we are, is a pitiful god indeed.
Almost since the beginning, man has painstakingly sought to make himself a god in his own “physical image”, instead of seeking after the GOD WHO made us in HIS own “spiritual image”. In this chapter Job affirms our inability to ascertain the fullness of GOD’s wisdom. The theme that continues to echo throughout this book of Job is that man has to find it in himself to trust GOD in all circumstances.
Despite of all the things in life that man has ever managed to do, he has never had enough knowledge to explain why things happen in life as they do. It is possible, however, to rise above our limitations in life by trusting in GOD, and staying within our “assigned creation roles” as human beings under GOD. That way, GOD, WHO knows all things, will work out situations in life to our benefit. We must come to rest in the fact that, GOD is all that we have in life, and that, always has been, always is, and always will be, more than enough.

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander

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